Rebuild HCE!

HCE will soon be torn down and replaced by a beautiful new building. The plans for the new facility will include state-of-the art features and technology while still maintaining the same intimate feel of a courtyard-centered space with a neighborhood charm.  But we need your help!

We hope you will consider supporting HCE by helping us meet our initial fundraising goal of $500,000 -click HERE to donate now!!!


Your contribution to the capital campaign will provide for enhancements to the campus not covered by SBISD bond funding. Further details are included below. We will be required to secure funding for building upgrades before we break ground on the new campus in order for the district to move forward with our wish list items. These enchantments may include upgrades to the science lab and literacy library, classroom improvements including space and storage, upgraded playground equipment and field resources, landscaping and irrigation expansion and art installations as funds become available. Once we meet our goal and construction begins, we can then proceed with a second phase of funding for features like landscaping, art and additional items that can be added as funding allows over time.

There are many ways you can support Rebuild HCE! All donors will be recognized for their contributions, regardless of the amount contributed, on the new campus. Certain levels of giving merit additional recognition as outlined below. More specific details around donor recognition will become available as the project further develops. Check back for updates and latest renderings!

Donations will be collected through the Spring Branch Education Foundation (SBEF) and will be designated for the HCE Rebuild Campaign. SBEF is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration. We deeply appreciate your support and investment in our future!!

Rebuild HCE Wish List

Please check back often! Plans are developing everyday, and we will post details and updated renderings as they become available.

Literacy Library

  • Addition of 256 sq ft of space to expand the proposed Literacy Library: Our current literacy library is larger than the proposed new space. The PTA has spent significant time and resources to build and grow this library in recent years to support the teachers and ultimately benefit our students.

Science Center

  • Addition of 300 sq ft of space to the proposed Science Center as well as the addition of a refrigerator and oven along with the ventilation and infrastructure required to add these items
  • Our current science center has an oven and refrigerator, but the modern district standards do not include these as standard features
  • The science center will be available for use by all age levels and is also used by extracurricular groups, which in the past have included cub scouts, girl scouts, Odyssey of the Mind, etc.
  • The additional sq ft will also allow for additional storage for science equipment.


Cougar Family Courtyard

  • Our current campus is designed around a series of courtyards. The current Project Advisory Team (PAT) felt very strongly that the presence of natural light and natural surroundings, including trees and landscaping, is a feature of our campus that we want to re-create in the new design. Accordingly, the new campus is designed around a central courtyard which will be called the Cougar Family Courtyard
  • There are many beautiful features in the courtyard renderings that Pfluger Architects have designed that do not fall within the score of our project and will not be covered by bond funding. The exact details are still forthcoming.
  • Projects within the courtyard will (hopefully) include the following:
    • Butterfly/science garden
    • Teaching Theater
    • Art Patio
    • Faculty Patio
    • Outdoor Dining (outdoor tables immediately outside of the new cafeteria)
  • It is likely that many of the special HCE memorials will be relocated in this beautiful courtyard
  • Landscaping, irrigation and artificial turf are additional items that may require private funding. More details will become available as the project progresses.
  • There may be an opportunity for a large-scale art installation, such as a mural or mosaic, within the courtyard space.
  • Within this courtyard, there will be the opportunity to purchase engraved BRICKS and PAVERS. These will serve as a tribute to the families and friends – past and present – who have made HCE so special. For renderings, please scroll to the bottom.


PTA Storage Room

  • Addition of 216 sq ft of conditioned storage space for the PTA
  • This space will be located behind the new gym and will serve as a “closet” for the PTA to store Chairman binders, graduation caps and gowns, decorations for annual events and countless other items related to fund-raising events at HCE
  • For anyone familiar with the PTA sheds on the current campus, this new space would replace the metal shed currently used to store PTA items.
  • Climate controlled storage will prevent things from being ruined by the moisture and dirt that accumulated in the metal sheds. There will also be shelving for organization as well as open space for props and décor for school functions.


Dad’s Club Storage Facility

  • Additional of 216 sq ft of non-conditioned storage space for use by the Dad’s Club
  • Storage will be adjacent to the field space for easy storage of sports equipment and other items as needed.
  • This space will also likely house the controls for the irrigation of the fields if/when they are implemented by the Dad’s club.


Power Paws

  • Paved walk way improvements to include 16×16 engraved zinc “paws.” Family and friends may purchase these paws and have them engraved as a special tribute and beautiful display of school spirit.
  • The paw prints will be used in the front and/or sides of the school, similar to what Frostwood added to their campus. See photos below.


Playground Pavers

  • Paved walk way improvements leading from the cafeteria/gym/courtyard out to the playgrounds and field space – scope still being developed
    • Possibly will include specialty concrete finish with sandblast feature in concrete or a special pattern with engraved colored pavers
    • Will be framed on either side with trees and benches and serve as the central gathering area between playground spaces


  • There are limited opportunities around campus – in the Cougar Family Courtyard, the Playground Gathering Spaces and on the perimeter of campus – to add beautiful stone or concrete benches. These will greatly enhance the appearance of the campus and complement the overall architectural design. Benches present a special opportunity to make a lasting contribution to Hunters Creek.
  • Exact quantity and design of the benches is still being developed.


  • Current plans call for two separate playground spaces – one for the younger grades and another for the older students – directly behind the gym and cafeteria.
  • Pfluger is continuing to work on this scope and further discussion between the architect and playground supplier is still needed. Once proposed equipment is finalized, the Rebuild HCE committee will be able to better asses what enhancements may be desired, including additional playground components, shade components and additional playground features. Depending on funding, this may be an item that is deferred to the second phase of the fundraising campaign.


Landcaping, Irrigation and Field Expenses

  • Current plans call for minimal irrigation around the immediate perimeter of the building. As the plans are finalized, we will learn more about specifically what is covered in the scope and what irrigation we may need to add around the building. We will definitely be required to privately fund new irrigation on the fields. The Dad’s club will have a separate campaign for field expenses, which will kick off once construction is underway.
  • Pfluger, along with the Landscape Architects, will be meeting to further and better review the landscaping plan for the campus. Stay tuned for more information on this topic.