2013-2014 Write A Check Underwriters

The Write-a-Check Campaign generates income for the HCE PTA. The idea is that you write one check at the beginning of the year (instead of having to write several small checks). 

The McGarry family

Ultimate Underwriter

Bank of Houston
The Loyd Foundation

Palladium Level

The Kiersted family
The Oldham family
The Rhee family
The Rotan family

Platinum Level

The Carlson family
The Chandler family
The Chenoweth family
The Collins family
Tracy and Harry Faulkner (Robbie Hendrix)
The Kimmel family
Stan and Reinnette Marek
The Meadows Group
David and Stephanie Nini
The Shimizu family
The Upper Hand Salons

Gold Level

The Alford family
The Annino family
The Asmus family
Alonso Benavides
Bob and Denise Campbell
Johnny and Nataya Carter
The Cribbs family
The Dardis family
Joanie, Vivian, & Susannah Darnall
Dade and Warren Dooley
The Freedman family
The Harp family
Ainsley and Wade Kurtz
Hallie and Olivia Mafrige
The Moss family
Lee and Kara Norris
Julian Ramirez and Caroline Dozer
The Vu family

Silver Level

Anonymous (2)
The Bissinger family
The Boquist family
Jose and Johanna Briz
D’Agostino family
Brooks Diesel
The Donnelly family
The Edmonds family
The Genung family
The Gorgue family
The Greer family
The Guilanshah family
The Hudson family
Ethan Huynh’s family
Lee and Rebecca Jackson
The Mouer family
Debra Long
Pediatric Eye Clinic
Bruce and Laura Shelby
The Siblik family
The Simeonidis family
Lissy and Cinco Sturges
The Langston Turner family
The Vergara family
Seth and Elizabeth Womble
The Yang family

Copper Level

The Augenthaler family
Clean Air America
The Cho family
Kim Dao
The Del Rio family
The Ertan family
Isabella Ezanidis
The Gilhooley family
Gail and Eric Gould
The Hilgert family
The Irwin family
The Jimenez family
Mindy and Chris Jones
Ada Lau
The Litts family
Joe and Joanna Mendez
The Rappold family
The Silsby family
Sloan Insurance Services
The Swan family
The Taylor family
Andy and Caroline Trowbridge
Beth Wachira
The Wendler family

Bronze Level


The Adams family
Austin and Alex Alpe
The Canterbury family
The Chung family
Sydney and Clark Conrad
Michael Contant
William Loch Cook
Christopher Duran family
Moataz and Isabella Eter
Marshall Eubank
The Gartner family
Greg Giles
Susan and David Gonzalez
Santiago Gracia
Gina Hajiseyedjavady
Andrew Karanja
The Kindergarten Krew
The Lanzagorta family
Leigh Lunsford
Marshall and Angie Murray
The Nelms family
The Paquette family
 Ms Mary Pickett
Madhavi Shrivastava
The Stephenson family


Hunters Creek Elementary PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Thank you for supporting the HCE PTA!