Hunters Creek will soon get a NEW SCHOOL!

On November 7, 2017, Spring Branch citizens voted to pass an $898.4 million 2017 Bond package to improve our school district. As part of the 2017 Bond, Hunters Creek was promised a new school. For specific details about the Bond, click here:

When do we get our new school?
We have been told the district hopes to have shovels in the ground in 2019! While we don’t know exactly what the timing looks like, we do know that Hunters Creek will be the first elementary school to begin construction. District personnel has already begun working on the scheduling of district-wide improvements. They must begin the process of selecting architects before they can begin scheduling design meetings with specific school. We will continue to update you as they progress in their scheduling and are able to give us specific dates.

What will the new school look like?
We don’t know yet! But we get to help decide. The district is working on planning, scheduling and timing right now and then will move on to hiring. Once the district team has chosen its architects, they will put together a Hunters Creek campus design team, which will include parents of HCE students, neighbors who live around the school, community representatives, etc.

What do I need to do if I want to be involved in the redesign of the new school campus?
Nothing yet…. There will be a process (likely a lottery of interested stakeholders) to create the team that will work with the district on the design of the new building. This process has not started yet because the district will not be ready to work with this team until late Spring/early summer (at the earliest!). Solicitation of interested participants will be widely communicated. So you haven’t missed your chance yet. Updates will follow.

Where will the kids go to school while the new campus is under construction?
During the construction phase, Hunters Creek students will transfer to the South Transition Campus near Westchester Academy for International Studies (basically Yorkchester and I-10 just west of the Beltway). Bus transportation will most certainly be available to drive our children to the temporary campus. School start time may even change. There will be much more communication on this as we get closer to the construction phase.

How long will construction take?
Anywhere from a year to 18 months.

When exactly will construction start?
We don’t know yet. But we want to know just as badly as you do!

Will we have to raise any money for the new campus?
In the Bond plan there is an estimated cost for each school based on square footage and the market.  In the last Bond PTAs were able to fund upgrades and extras beyond what the Bond plan provided.  We have begun talking to other schools that have been through a redesign to learn from their experiences. The most recently constructed elementary school in our district is Rummel Creek. They raised roughly $500,000 for their new campus! Meadow Wood, Valley Oaks and Frostwood are also relatively new if you want to get an idea about other school campus construction projects in our area.  So once we begin to decide fabulous “extra” things that we may be able to fund like a super awesome playground, cool science features, outdoor learning spaces, or artistic enhancements, we will pretty quickly have to figure out how to pay for our upgrades! Please be thinking about corporations and business who may be willing to partner with us in making our school exceptional. If you are personally interested in assisting with a capital campaign, please email Kristi Thibaut at

FUN FACT: Hunters Creek Principal Robye Snyder was the principal at Meadow Wood when they built their new campus. So she is experienced at this and will be able to give us guidance as we navigate the process.

More Questions??
There are so many things that we don’t and can’t know yet. We will do our best to keep this site updated as we learn concrete dates and specific updates. We share in your excitement. We also understand there is a measure of uncertainly and even anxiety about the “transition” phase. But rest assured that our principal has been through a similar process and can attest that it’s completely manageable. And we can all agree that this will be a really great – and much needed – opportunity to improve our campus and neighborhood. We hope we can count on your support in the exciting year(s) ahead. And feel free to reach out to the PTA President, Jennifer Daly, at if you have questions or concerns that have not been addressed.